Denim breakdown 

Jeans are one of the most popular styles of pants for men and women today, which means the market for denim can be intense and be cut into several niche groups that appeal to certain audiences. The average consumer typically relies on price to make their purchase, but the elevated consumer considers the details of the product. When someone is informed on the available products the decisions for purchasing becomes much more difficult. High end denim presents us with options such as selvedge, organic, raw, stretch, distressing, and different blends of materials and ounces that make choosing the ideal pair a bit confusing. Therefore I’m going to break down the basics of high end denim so that you can make the right decision when jumping into a pair of jeans that will outlast and look better than your last ten purchases that didn’t make it past a year or two of wear.

Ok before you start to look make sure you do a couple of things.

1. Get measured- this is key, knowing your size will make this a lot easier on yourself, while all denim fits different you should have an idea of what it’s going to look like even if you don’t try them on.

2. Save up- this is going to be a purchaser that can last you over ten years, this is an investment.

3. Find a tailor- this isn’t always necessary but it’s good to know a good tailor because when buying denim (especially online) be prepared to get some slight adjustments made, because nothing fits you better than getting something custom tailored to your body. I promise it won’t even cost that much and will be worth it in the end.

Ok so now you know what you want… Sort of?

So lets break down some terms.

Selvedge denim- Selvedge is often characterized by having a tighter, denser weave than non-selvedge. The higher density gives the denim a sturdier feel. The use of the older selvedge loom technology also creates variations on the denim surface (due to inconsistencies in the weaving process) compared to denim woven on modern looms. These variations make the denim visually unique and highly desirable. This is becoming overly popular because of its sturdiness especially among Japanese and American denim companies

Raw denim- This is not to be confused with selvedge denim, because raw just means it has not been washed and is very heavy with dye. This is a style that is preferred among those who wish to add their own character to their jeans. Raw denim cannot be washed in a machine, but requires months of wear before soaking in a tub of hot water to avoid leaking of dyes.

Waxed- a thin layer of glossy wax is applied to the denim material giving it a more sleek appearance that will eventually fade and wash off with wear.

Stretch- This is a completely necessary type of denim for those who prefer the skinny fit with comfort. It is much lighter and often times has an elastic component stitched into it to allow for more give.

Now you have an idea of what all these types of denim are you can make your move to buy some high end jeans to make your own after some years of wear. At the end of the day, there are a ton of options, but the best looking denim is often raw selvedge after some time of wear and tear.


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