Monitoring Social Media

So you have all these social media sites now for yourself and your brand. You have made them all cohesive and have made some content to put on them and you feel ready to take on whatever is next. Well this is all a good start, but now that you have them all up and running you need to be thinking of how you plan on monitoring your activity, others activity and how you plan to use these platforms effectively through constant monitoring of these sites.

On the basic side of this, you need to be posting regularly and responding to those who interact with you. Alongside that you need to keep up with followers and always make sure that you are following back relevant people. If exclusivity is your thing you may want to keep track on who follows you and who you follow, there are several apps that can keep you in the loop when it comes to loosing/gaining followers because most sm sites don’t tell you when someone has stopped following you (Just make sure that the app does not have the power to post on your platforms to avoid spamming people).

Not only should you be aware of who follows you but of how many interactions you are getting per post and what content seems to be working for you the most. The content with the most interaction (likes, comments, favorites, mentions, etc.) was liked for a reason and should be analyzed to figure out how you maybe able to recreate it in the future. Specifically Twitter now has an analysis you can run per tweet to examine the impact it had on your followers and others, which can be extremely helpful for those wishing to expand their following. While other platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not have these on their site, there are several third party apps that can help you figure out the details.

You maybe asking yourself why all these details matter, but if you have not learned by now social media allows you to reach out to potential clients and even if you don’t have a job it could help you find one. Not only that but it keeps you up to date and helps you remain relevant potentially to people worldwide.

10 Monitoring Tools

28 free apps 



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