Nudie Denim Review

Nudie Denim Review

The average person pays under 50 dollars for a pair of jeans, however I took the leap into a pair of Nudie Co. denim that retail at 215 dollars to test the waters of expensive denim. After blowing out numerous pairs of cheap denim from H&M in a short period, I knew it was time to move on.

The pair I purchased was a black on indigo over-dye with a skinny fit that they called the “Thin Finn Black Dust.” The retail cost is steep, but the product is manufactured in Italy using 100% organic cotton and low emission dyes for a more eco friendly and sweatshop free product. Not only do they justify the price by how it is produced but by how long the denim lasts. Their website shows a variety of worn in jeans that have lasted several years and how the jeans age over time.

I bought the denim off their website without trying them on, hoping that their claim to “true to size” was indeed correct. I received the denim in a great custom box with their logo imprinted on the outside, the pair of jeans had two hang tags that explained the product. After ripping off the tags and packaging, I had to slip them on to check the fit.

The fit was slim around the legs but slightly larger in the waste than I expected, but still fit well with a belt. The denim itself was a bit stiff, similar to selvage, and the black dye is visible over the indigo denim giving it a slightly worn feel. The tags suggest to wear the denim for 6 months without washing for the best results, and I have accepted that challenge.

I have worn the denim for about one month now without a wash and have already seen a slight fade in the dye, which is to be expected and makes the denim look much less blotchy than when I originally received them . The fit as gotten less tight over time, but is expected to tighten up after washing due to shrinkage of the untreated denim. To avoid any sort of smell I stick them in the freezer every so often and it keeps them fresh.

At the end of the day I spent a ton of money for a pair of jeans, but I am very satisfied with the fit, the quality of the detail, and the fact that I did not throw money to a company that uses sweatshops to produce a cheap and terrible product. The more I wear these the more character they will have, I can already tell they will last a lot longer than any denim I have previously purchased. Along with that the brand offers repairs for free at any of their stores. So instead of buying jeans every 6 months, I can have these last for several years with a better look, feel, and a more friendly product to the environment and its people.

You can grab some of these at or at one of their numerous worldwide stockists.

You can also learn more about their recycling process, and infographics on their blog.



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