Expanding Business

As some of you all already know I am deep into the world of fashion and clothing production. The brand I work for, Applecoast, has been trying to expand there business into the American market for quiet sometime now and have not really had the means to do so until they met me. After we attended Agenda show together,  we received some recognition for our production and our current clothing offerings but we still needed to increase sales and the amount of production we do for other brands.

Applecoast is based in Indonesia, so the owner Digong has not had much experience dealing with American brands, so this is where I come in handy. My job as of late has been to communicate with those who wish to do clothing manufacturing overseas in our facilities. The customers I talk to have mostly been from the trade show we attended and have turned out well for us. Now that I am in school, travelling is less frequent so I had to come up with a way to continue getting business and find clothing brands to manufacture for. I could have sat down and searched endlessly on Google, emailing brands our line sheets and attempt to spam their various social media accounts to get some acknowledgment. Instead I figured I would just test out making the brand an Instagram to see how social media would effect their business.

Turns out it really was that easy. I actually made the account just a little over a week ago and my emails have skyrocketed. On the account I started by posting a couple examples of what we have worked on in the past and some pictures of the facility. Then I will use a variety of hashtags that pertain to clothing and brands have been flocking to it more quickly than I imagined. Everyday I am getting a new email, often times answering the same couple questions, but I have already gained a couple of great customers. Since this is a business that deals with large numbers, one customer can be very beneficial for myself and the company I work for. Not only that, but once a person manufactures with us they are likely to continue that relationship and be repeat customers. I am excited to see where this is going, and it really is amazing how such a simple thing can pull in so much potential revenue.




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