Myself and Frank, my partner in crime, grabbed the express bus to Downtown L.A. from Venice.

We came across an assortment of interesting people as we took our seat towards the back of the bus. It was early in the afternoon and for the most part was a calm ride. It took us about 40 minutes before we made it out of the mobile asylum and we worked our way through the streets looking for a complex we had been told to go to.

Our plans that day where to meet up Serajuddin, the owner of Moss New York (A streetwear label that specializes in all over prints, outrageous outfits, joggers and sports inspired apparel), to discuss some business plans for the future and to check out their showroom space. Once we had made it into the complex we had to take an elevator up several floors and knock on a coated glass door. We where greeted by a couple people bustling around doing various things as we came into the space. Inside there where several racks of clothes, glass cases, and manikins showcasing about 5 different brands upcoming lines. We plopped down on a couch next to a Ralph Lauren pillow, to wait for Serajuddin to get off the phone with a customer.We waited a while watching two guys do product shots for another brand, checking out the surrounding area, getting a good look at the area from the window.

Serajuddin got off the phone and we sat down and discussed a couple of things, he gave us some advice with our own brand and some things he does that could help us in the future. Then he started pulling out some of the items they where going to release for their next collection and asked if we cared to snap some pictures for him. We gladly accepted, then Frank and myself suited up in their gear. I put on all sushi themed sweatshirt and joggers to match and Frank got the suitcase themed sweatsuit and we headed to the top of the complex.

We got on the roof of the building, up about 15 stories overlooking the fashion district in downtown LA. Needless to say I was a bit nervous as we started climbing around, we climbed up two ladders to get to the highest point of the building (rethinking the moment makes my palms sweaty). We both had our cameras ready and both snapped away at our rolls of film. Below us we could see cars and people, as well as what looked like a giant Pac-Man maze, which ended up being for Bud Light commercial that would air on the Super Bowl.

Frank and I climbed back down after we finished off our film, gave Serajuddin back his clothes and headed back out onto the ground for some much needed coffee.


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