Info Graphics

We live in a world where information is overly abundant and it is incredibly easy to find mass amounts of info about almost any topic you can think of. The problem with this is often times it is too much for an audience to handle in a traditional text format. The modern person sees a mass of text and is instantly turned away from it. People are much more inclined to be shown a concept visually than through text, along with the fact that people need to absorb as much information in as short amount of time as possible due to busy schedules and our ever short attention spans. What can really give information that certain pop that people are looking for is an info-graph.

An info-graph is a visual representation of data, information or knowledge that is meant to explain a mass amount of possibly complex concepts into a well organized assortment of easy to read material that will be able to inform someone of a topic that they may know little about. This is a tool that all people who wish to get into advertising and PR should be able to take advantage of even if you are not exactly a great graphic designer. I’ve laid out some key points to make a great info-graph below!

1. Keep it simple- Simple is good, don’t try to cram to much information into the infographic. Try to have a balance of visual represented data as well as written data. A good infographic looks clean, it does not have a lot of clashing colors, make sure to use palettes that work together. Do not be afraid to google what matches or test around a couple different schemes to see what works best.

2. Give credit where credit is due- Always make sure that your logo or company logo is put on the infograph, if this particular graph gets shared you want people to know who made it. Don’t forget to credit those who helped make the graph possible as well, cite some sources below it so others know this is not just some random graph that was thrown together, that it was researched and well thought.

3. Use a tool– There are several tools out their on the web to help you make an infographic if you are not familiar with using Adobe tools for graphic creation. Infogram has some great options for free and a paid version. Along with Venngage and Easelly.

For some looks at cool infographics and inspiration- Click here 

36 Free tools 



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