Instagram Tips

Instragram was created just a few short years ago in 2010 and has grown in phenomenal proportions boasting over 300 million users and over 16 billion photos have been shared. Since it’s creation it has been the fastest growing social media since Facebook, the company that actually owns it. Not only is this a playground for the average person, but it is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to take advantage of and become more well known.

How can the average person market themselves and use Instagram to help them in the future? Well I have laid out a small lists of things that will make you a more interesting and relevant on this social media platform.

1. Content and Aesthetics- Instagram is all about aesthetics and creating a visual representation of yourself or your brand. Your content should reflect who you are and should carry a unique perspective into the things that you are involved in. Curating original content is always the best option and will encourage people to follow you more often than re-posting content.

2. Take your time editing- Do not be to quick to post something with the first filter you throw on the image, consider a third party editing source or choose something that you think your audience will enjoy.

3. Pick your Hashtags– If hashtags are something you are into don’t just tack on some random ones all willie nillie. Make sure you make them relevant to the content and the type of people you want to attract. Hashtags are not just about getting likes, they are about finding people who share common interests with you and your content.

4. Share– Don’t forget you have the options to connect your social media accounts together. Not all your fans or friends may have an Instagram so be sure to share what you are doing on your other platforms by connecting them.

In the end, your content stands for who you are. It does not have to be “good” it just has to tell a story and show its viewers who you are. Happy posting!

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