Online Reputation Management

What most people don’t realize when they make and maintain social media for personal use is that they are in some respect creating a brand for themselves. The content in which they post, styles of how they share, and overall image that they set off becomes a reflection of who that person is A.K.A their brand.

Personal branding is a key element in today’s society, businesses are looking for people who have the ability to create an image for themselves, which can reflect on their ability to create and maintain an image for a potential employers brand. The kind of image employers are looking for greatly depends on what field you as an employee plan to go into, but I have created a list of some general things to do when you are looking to solidify your own branding.

1. Commonalities among platforms – This simply means that ones social media platforms are all congruent with each other, even though content and posting ability among different platforms varies, the overall feel and ideas conveyed should have a similar vibe. If one was to post on one social media platform, they are inclined to share it throughout similar platforms. Yet, sometimes social media does not cross over, for example one does not post everything they Pin on Pintrest to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. Along with content posted on these platforms, one should be aware of their descriptions or “about me” sections. These sections should be very similar if not exactly the same among all social media, this allows for people to view who you are among all platforms.

2. Profile Images – This should go without saying, but maintain professionalism when it comes to the images that people will see first upon viewing your social media. The profile picture should tell its audience about you, but not the unprofessional you who gets wasted on the weekend. The image should be something that portrays the side of you that you would show to employers, not necessarily in a suit or formal wear, but in some fashion that you wish to be portrayed by your future employers or professional peers.

3. Keep up – The worst thing you can do is fall behind or fall short on social media. Make sure that you are posting, commenting, and replying to others. Keeping up with everyone at once can be hard, space out time and plan ahead to make this easier.

4. Network – Find people with similar interests, this allows for much more interaction on your pages and others pages. Basically this is a win-win situation, social media was created and intended for people to get together. Find commonalities with other people, become aware with how to search and find those people on each platform that you use. This can only help you along the line and will push you towards your target audience.

5. Be Yourself – In the end, the most important thing is to be yourself in all that you do. There is no sense in creating a fake image on social media platforms when in real life you are someone else, because eventually someone is bound to notice and take offense at your lying. Employers are seeking people who are unique, so there is never a need to hide your individuality, there just needs to be a certain balance of professionalism in what you promote about yourself.



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